Osprey’s Savu is the Minimalist Bike Rider’s Lumbar Pack

I didn’t think anything would replace my torn, perma-stained by mud, threadbare Patagonia beltbag (okay, fannypack) on bike rides, but then I found the four-liter Osprey Savu lumbar pack and my fannypack has once again been relegated to fishing duty. The Savu is simple, but very clever. It has a big main pocket for tools and/or a scrunched-down rain jacket and a smaller stash pocket for a phone. But that’s expected. The cool part is the two water bottle pouches that can be tucked away if you don’t need them. Not a two bottle ride? No prob, tuck the holding straps away and the pack is nice and streamlined. Need a lot of water but have only one bottle cage? Pop out the two water bottle holders and you’re set. The sturdy hipbelts adjust easily and hold the pack securely in place—it won’t migrate around. I don’t feel the water bottles jabbing my back when I’m riding either, like I initially feared. Sure, this is just a lumbar pack, but it’s comfortable, well-designed, and more useful than many I’ve used in the past. See ya later, fannypack.
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